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The Imposed Vacation Gameplan

Unemployment queueRegular readers may recall the recent carnage at my workplace. Well, it appears now that I too am a marked man. I would love to elaborate, but I would no doubt end up breaking all manner of confidentiality protocols or whatever. Suffice to say, I now have even more material for my Great Office Novel (zero words and counting!). I have decided that it probably best to plan ahead for a possible Imposed Vacation … Read the rest of this entry »

That’s nothing!


For Christmas I got a Dilbert day-by-day calendar. It has pride of place on my work desk. Topper is my new favourite character. I think we’ve all met him at some point in our lives.

Step into my office

This is where I apologise for the lack of quality, thought-out, in-depth posts this week. And this is where I acknowledge that this blog isn’t really about quality, thought-out, in-depth posts, anyway. And this is where I explain that today I am going to give you lucky readers a series of excuses, as it has been quite a week for your correspondent. Human Interest Blog Post! Just what you wanted to read, right? Read the rest of this entry »

The World Cup – Not long to go now folks!

Excitement is building in the Wait Until Next Year household. The World Cup, four years in the waiting, is nearly upon us! I’m sure I’ll be ramping up the posts in the ‘proper’ build-up, and, of course, during the tournament itself. However, I thought it was worth spilling my brains out (only in a metaphorical sense, naturally) and list a few of the things I’m looking forward to: Read the rest of this entry »

New adventures

Tomorrow is the final day in my current job. Luckily a new, and hopefully more exciting and challenging, job awaits, after a nice few days off, of course. It’s always a little unnerving leaving the safety and comfort of a familiar job and surroundings, but I do think it is probably good for me to challenge myself once in a while, and take a few risks. Currently my commitments are few, with no kids and no mortgage, so if I can’t experiment now, when can I? Read the rest of this entry »