The Imposed Vacation Gameplan

by Steve

Unemployment queueRegular readers may recall the recent carnage at my workplace. Well, it appears now that I too am a marked man. I would love to elaborate, but I would no doubt end up breaking all manner of confidentiality protocols or whatever. Suffice to say, I now have even more material for my Great Office Novel (zero words and counting!). I have decided that it probably best to plan ahead for a possible Imposed Vacation …

So, inspired in no small way by Double Word Score’s unemployment bucket list, what are my plans?

1. Get a job

There is a small part of me that would love to indulge myself and wallow in the unemployed life, to wander around the flat in my dressing gown and get reacquainted with daytime TV. However, I know that the Not-Working Guilt will pretty soon set in. Plus, wandering around in my dressing gown will not pay the bills, unless there is a niche subscription website for that stuff.

So, what sort of job? As it stands, I’m going to look into two options. First – The Perfect Job, where I use all my skills in a fun, creative environment and get paid handsomely for my time. Second (and far, far more likely) – The Lesser Paying But Non-Stressful Job – If I can’t get the right job, then I’d rather take a pay cut and do something that will cover the bills, but not take over my life. Who needs a disposable income anyway?

2. Be a househusband

Well, sort of. I’ll try my best. Another means of fighting the Not-Working Guilt will be to be useful around the house. I am no Domestic God, but I’m sure I can do some washing, cleaning and cooking. I don’t want to become one of those horrible guys who lives off his partner without lifting a finger himself. Also, I think I’ll look good in a pinny.

3. Read books

Without any sort of disposable income I’m going to have to make my own entertainment. I have a huge pile of unread books. Rather than just visiting bookshops and adding to that pile, I shall try to work through them. I will label this ‘self-improvement’. The knowledge gained will yield results in pub quizzes, should I have enough money for a pint to nurse through proceedings.

4. Watch baseball

In a rare case of perfect timing, the baseball season will be starting around the time I may (or may not, depending on future developments) be starting my Imposed Vacation. Those heady early days of the season will be a tonic, and will help my fantasy baseball efforts no end.

5. Write a book

The aforementioned Great Office Novel may get written. Or perhaps something less obvious and clichéd. Either way, my efforts will probably never see the light of day, but will hopefully keep me entertained. I may even attempt my own personal NaNoWriMo, just without all those social elements. And not in November, obviously.

So, what else can I get up to, if the working world decides that I’m just not welcome anymore?

Image from the Nationaal Archief via Flickr