Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket with petunias and fuschias

Hanging baskets are funny things. They feel a bit dated, a bit fussy. Fussy in how they look, very much a construction, an obvious artifice, and so perhaps a little bit jarring when it comes to a natural space like a garden. They are also fussy in terms of maintenance too, with the constant deadheading and watering. I’m forever fussing around them, watering them even when it rains. I have had too many failed baskets. I have learned that hanging baskets crave attention.

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Roses blooming and about to bloom

I’ve been thinking about gardening a lot lately. I’ve been actually gardening a lot too. This is our fourth summer here and the garden is really only just starting to take shape, and I’m only just starting to take shape as a gardener, albeit a very, very amateur one. Read the rest of this entry »

Mass Observation

Two men at bar

This is an exercise in pub Mass Observation, as part of Boak and Bailey’s challenge for The Session, asking bloggers to “take a notebook to a pub or bar — any one you fancy — and write a note of what you observe”. Read the rest of this entry »

You And I

Margaret Glaspy has released something pretty special. Read the rest of this entry »

Blurry self-portrait in a trendy craft beer bar

Self-portrait in trendy craft beer bar

Trendy bar. Not sure on cost so drinking halves. That sort of place. Get my coins mixed up, so he has to return for the rest, then when that’s sorted the change is 6p and they are out of change and should I hang around for the 6p or should I go, what is the least awkward. Read the rest of this entry »


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