Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

Take care because we care

Tiny Tears

Eyeball Cards: The Art Of British CB Radio Culture by William Hogan and David Titlow offers a visual history of a particularly esoteric phenomenon, the production of “eyeball cards” CB radio enthusiasts shared with each other when they met in person.

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Bad photo of the moon

“A white moon appears like a hole in the sky”

Bye Bye Pride, The Go-Betweens

I leave home and it still feels like night. The moon looms large. I make my way towards the station, and towards the moon. There are a few other people on the street, but nobody seems startled by the size of the shape in the sky. Read the rest of this entry »

24th of December

This is a season governed by custom. So I like how Christmas Eve feels far more personal – we all have our own routines rather than feeling bound by tradition.

We took an evening walk around our local streets, enjoying the lights and displays. As much as I love the insularity of Christmas, of holing up away from the world, I think it is also good to feel part of something bigger and engage in that world a little.

It was wonderful to share a moment like this with loved ones. I know I am exceptionally lucky.

23rd of December

22nd of December

I would happily eat mince pies all year round. I’m considering stockpiling them to make that possible. 

Or perhaps I should just learn how to bake them. 

Or accept that the value is in the scarcity, like all good things.