Wait until next year

Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today


elevator buttons - "STREET" and "LIBRARY"

There is a library I visit which is in the bowels of a big corporate building. You have to go down several flights of stairs, or take the lift, to enter. Libraries feel like an escape from the real world at the best of times. Heading underground makes that escape feel even more pronounced. Then there are the books to take you even further away. I’m sure the library sitting under a temple of commerce and capitalism says something too, but I wonder if it might be a little too trite or tidy to point that out too explicitly. We can all make our own conclusions there. Read the rest of this entry »


Advent Calendar 2016: Day Twenty

Last day at work for the year. Walking back to the station London suddenly looked beautiful and hopeful again. It is funny how you can fall back in love with a place when it becomes more than just a place of work again.

Advent Calendar 2016: Days Ten to Nineteen inclusive

wp-1482147841364.jpgBest laid plans and all that. I thought a post a day of some murky black and white Christmas photo would be one way of responding to the lack of posts I’ve made this year and also a means of generally making me feel a little more festive. However, a bout of something norovirus-y, more work than is ideal in December (what happened to “winding down” and countless Christmas lunches?) and my recurring bouts of procrastination means those posts have, well, not really happened.

But in the spirit of completism, here are some more dodgy, blurry Christmas snaps to get the project back on the road. Not long to go now, eh?










Advent Calendar 2016: Day Nine

Christmas cards have started arriving. I have good intentions each year, to write and send cards early, but inevitably ours go out at the last minute, if at all. I’m sure some years those I’ve sent haven’t arrived at their destination until the new year. Perhaps in that case I should just pretend they aren’t late, just very, very early.