The World Cup – Not long to go now folks!

by Steve

Excitement is building in the Wait Until Next Year household. The World Cup, four years in the waiting, is nearly upon us! I’m sure I’ll be ramping up the posts in the ‘proper’ build-up, and, of course, during the tournament itself. However, I thought it was worth spilling my brains out (only in a metaphorical sense, naturally) and list a few of the things I’m looking forward to:

1. Everyone caring about football. No doubt this will annoy me in time as everyone pretends to have always loved the beautiful game, while simultaneously spouting the most ill-informed tripe I’ve ever heard. But, before that moment, there will be that wonderful atmosphere you only get with a major sporting event. There will be flags. Strangers will actually talk to each other, and sometimes even smile.Unbelievable.

2. The first round. This is the best bit of the World Cup. There is still hope. there is good quality, meaningful football on, every single day. We’ll be seeing all manner of fantastic teams and fantastic footballers. There will be the fun stories, upsets, and teams building momentum. Plus, we don’t have to worry about penalties yet.

3. Watching football during work hours. At first, I was pretty annoyed to see so many daytime games , particularly those with 3pm weekday kick-offs, but now I’ve decided to see it as a challenge. Lunchtime games are easy, relatively, but will still take some careful planning. The afternoon games may require some clandestine viewing at my desk, or some sort of shift working pattern, or failing that, trusty radio broadcasts. However it goes, for four weeks, work will be that thing I do from time to time when the football isn’t on. Bliss.

4. Finding the right venue. I’ve had too many bad pub football experiences, with all sorts, from real thugs to the well-to-do, all seemingly more interested in drinking and getting in the way than in watching the game. This time, however, I have a particular local pub in mind, with a strong landlord, locals always glued to the football and a good atmosphere. Failing that, I have a nice big telly to watch it at home, in peace,with my feet up, and no queues at the bar. Perfect.

So, what are you looking forward to then? I’d love to hear.