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The Emperor of California

Photograph of Norton I, Emperor of CaliforniaI remember one Christmas watching several episodes of Ken Burns’ documentary series, The West. I didn’t really know much about the subject matter, bar the usual stuff you pick up in movies and comic books. I didn’t know anything about Ken Burns. In fact, it was probably several years before I realised that Ken Burns was behind the programme. And that was after picking up the book of the series and everything. I’m not that observant, I guess. But one thing I did pick up on and did remember, was the story of Joshua Norton, the self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.
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Les miserables out, Bafana Bafana finish with a flourish (World Cup Braindump #6)

The inconveniences of work meant an afternoon of listening to the radio and Jan Molby’s dulcet tones. Do you think Liverpool had some sort of pundit bootcamp for its players in the eighties and early nineties? They are everywhere. But anyway, I digress. As is my right and my wont. This series isn’t called a braindump for nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

Swiss plan goes like clockwork as Spain siesta (World Cup Braindump #4)

A quick ‘n’ dirty edition, folks, as I race to get something out before the first game of the day kicks off. Sadly, as I face two days where work will be getting in the way of all those lovely early games, the World Cup gets interesting… Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s hear it for the underdog! (World Cup Braindump #3)

Much has been made of this World Cup being thoroughly disappointing so far. We’ve had a real lack of goals (bar Germany), a real lack of quality (bar Germany again) and a real lack of drama. Until yesterday, anyway. It wasn’t the big guns that brought some life to the tournament, but the two rank outsiders – New Zealand and North Korea. Read the rest of this entry »

England in “Not very good” shocker (World Cup Braindump #1)

After a long four-year wait the World Cup has begun! And…well, it has been a little disappointing, really. But still, in the spirit of blogging my brains out, here is my first World Cup Braindump. Yes, just what you’ve been waiting for – my thoughts, badly organised, poorly considered, and spewed across your monitor! But now in easy-to-digest numbered form! Read the rest of this entry »