Swiss plan goes like clockwork as Spain siesta (World Cup Braindump #4)

by Steve

A quick ‘n’ dirty edition, folks, as I race to get something out before the first game of the day kicks off. Sadly, as I face two days where work will be getting in the way of all those lovely early games, the World Cup gets interesting…

  • I caught the second half of Chile/Honduras, and Chile looked very, very good. While it wasn’t quite a goal-heavy as I’d hoped, Chile are certainly one of the most entertaining and invigorating sides I’ve seen over the past week. Finally, a team lived up to the expectation. I really hope that the Spain/Switzerland result doesn’t end up ruining Chile’s chances. But the final group game of Chile/Spain should be an absolute cracker.
  • Lowly Switzerland beating Spain, eh? Who would have thought it? This is either the premature death knell of the favourites, or the kick up the backside they need. Good to see another comedy goal to add to the collection. Surely a comeback for Danny Baker’s Own Goals and Gaffes (World Cup edition) is imminent?
  • There’s now a fair chance of Spain meeting Brazil in the round of 16. While it would mean no dream final for some, it would give us a potential early classic. Plus, it would completely blow the tournament open with one of those sides going home early.
  • South Africa look set to be the first ever home side to go out in the first round of a World Cup. While the tournament will inevitably lose something if that happens, South Africa are a pretty poor side. I wouldn’t be building up Uruguay’s chances just yet.
  • Today could throw up a couple more upsets if Argentina and France implode against South Korea and Mexico, respectively. Meanwhile, Greece/Nigeria could well be another snoozefest.