Les miserables out, Bafana Bafana finish with a flourish (World Cup Braindump #6)

by Steve

The inconveniences of work meant an afternoon of listening to the radio and Jan Molby’s dulcet tones. Do you think Liverpool had some sort of pundit bootcamp for its players in the eighties and early nineties? They are everywhere. But anyway, I digress. As is my right and my wont. This series isn’t called a braindump for nothing.

And anyway, this is my first post written on a fancy phone rather than a computer. Marvel at the technology that allows me to go on and on without any tangible point or reason, as I head back home from a tough day at the coalface. When I say “coalface” I mean “computer screen”, you understand.

Shall I get on with it then. For all you loyal readers willing to indulge me. Thank you for preserving. Now recoil at the sheer majesty of the footballing insight! Or not, as the case may be.

The French are out! Hurrah! They will be dancing on the streets of Dublin tonight, no doubt. Karma is a wonderful thing. As is the French being hopeless. As they leave the World Cup with one measly point amid squad insurrection and unrest, I will let you insert your own joke about “strikers” here. Because its all about interactivity here, people.

I’m rather pleased with myself that I tipped such an outcome (well, the failing to qualify bit, anyway) prior to the tournament’s start. I’ll overlook the other tips that, with the benefit of hindsight, look optimistic at best.

While it is sad to see the hosts go out, they couldn’t have exited the tournament in better fashion. What a way to go – beating the finalists from the last World Cup, knocking them out in the process. On paper they had to be one of the poorest sides in the tournament, if not the poorest. So, four points and France’s scalp is a great return.