New adventures

by Steve

Tomorrow is the final day in my current job. Luckily a new, and hopefully more exciting and challenging, job awaits, after a nice few days off, of course. It’s always a little unnerving leaving the safety and comfort of a familiar job and surroundings, but I do think it is probably good for me to challenge myself once in a while, and take a few risks. Currently my commitments are few, with no kids and no mortgage, so if I can’t experiment now, when can I?

I’ll be working on some interesting ‘new media’ projects for a children’s charity, and so this should be some fascinating and worthwhile work. While I don’t think anyone has a job they love all the time, finding something you enjoy some of the time is important to me, far more than any monetary reward.

In the meantime, I’ll shamelessly plug the new healthcare election game I’ve been helping out with (not from a techy standpoint, more on content) for my current employers. Please have a go, if only to bump up the hits, and make me look like a departing genius!