Normal service will resume shortly

by Steve

Old testcardHello! Hello? Is there anyone still out there? Oh good. Hello! I’m back, but with another one of those annoying ‘holding posts’ where I don’t actually say anything of note beyond saying stay tuned, something will happen here soon. So, without further ado…Stay tuned, something will happen here soon!

That’s not really good enough, is it? Well, I plan to get well and truly back into the swing of blogging, at least on a semi-regular basis. To be honest (as if I’m anything but?), I’ve really missed it, and that writing itch has got ever stronger. But, I do think a little break hasn’t hurt. I’m refreshed, invigorated and ready to go!

So, what kept me? Real life has unfortunately impinged on blogging, tweeting and generally loitering around the internets. I co-produced (alongside my multi-talented Significant Other) and acted in a local amateur musical production, which was exhausting yet ultimately successfully and rewarding. I’ve started the new job, and am now, somehow, bizarrely, appearing as a bona fide New Meeja Expert for a children’s charity. I’ve also been enjoying some reading, some sport, some music and generally chancing my arm as a bit of a two-bit Renaissance man. We’ll see how long it lasts.

But now, with a little more time to play with, I’ll be reigniting this blog. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there to explore. I’ll do my best to relay a little of it.

In terms of boring housekeeping, you can now access the site from as well as and I’ve utilised one of WordPress’ new funky themes to brighten up the place a bit. Onwards and upwards, I guess!