A walk to the station #5

by Steve

While it isn’t particularly dark the moon is still out. It isn’t one of those new-fangled Supermoons, but it is big and bright and clear. I can see far more detail than I usually can with the naked eye. Although, thinking about it, I don’t really spend much time looking at the moon. Perhaps it is always this big and bright and clear. 

I try to take a photo, but my camera-phone really isn’t up to the task. This seems like a job for a proper camera with a big lens. It is a shame because not only does it look amazing, but there are several points on my walk where I reckon you could take a really nicely composed photograph. The moon peeps through the telephone wires, the wires themselves dividing up the sky.

But I suppose moon photos are pretty clichéd. And I realise that I’m better off just enjoying the view rather than trying to capture it. I can then actually enjoy the moment. Technology is wonderful but so often it gets in the way of really being somewhere. Watch some red carpet footage, or a major sporting event. You will see countless people viewing the spectacle via a screen, rather than putting down their device and properly interacting, engaging, observing.

I also realise that if I keep fiddling with my phone then I’m probably going to miss my train.

I don’t notice anything on the ground, I’m pretty much transfixed on this big ol’ moon looming ahead. I kid myself that it will get significantly larger the nearer I get. It doesn’t. I turn down an alley towards the station and I can’t see the moon anymore.