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A walk to the station #5

While it isn’t particularly dark the moon is still out. It isn’t one of those new-fangled Supermoons, but it is big and bright and clear. I can see far more detail than I usually can with the naked eye. Although, thinking about it, I don’t really spend much time looking at the moon. Perhaps it is always this big and bright and clear.  Read the rest of this entry »

I remember when this was all fields

Computer-generated images of man on phone, talking, at desk

Jonathan Franzen is telling us what he thinks is wrong with the modern world. Rebecca Solnit sees the changes to our world post-internet as profound and troubling. These are two recent examples of the personal essay as a wail against life today, particularly life with technology, the internet, etc. Both these articles, at least to some extent, look back to supposedly halcyon days and see technology etc as the destroyers of an idyllic past.
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Timeline of online insecurity

Hi folks. No time for a proper, real blog post today. Apologies etc. I’m a busy man. Or at least I like to give the impression that I am. However, I thought I’d keep you all entertained with a little placeholder. Please enjoy this lil’ cartoon from Sticky Comics, after the jump (for those of you on the front page, anyways…): Read the rest of this entry »