Timeline of online insecurity

by Steve

Hi folks. No time for a proper, real blog post today. Apologies etc. I’m a busy man. Or at least I like to give the impression that I am. However, I thought I’d keep you all entertained with a little placeholder. Please enjoy this lil’ cartoon from Sticky Comics, after the jump (for those of you on the front page, anyways…):

Timeline of "nobody reads" comic

Being the worrier and general stats hound that I am, I can certainly relate. Also, being halfway through Jonathan Franzen’s book of essays How To Be Alone, the final panel seems particularly apt. Funny how in the mid-nineties Franzen and many others were worrying about the End of Serious Books and the end of Proper Reading in the face of new technologies, and we’re still worrying about it now. These are worries for another day, dear reader, but do feel free to voice your concerns or reassurances in the comments box below…