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Timeline of online insecurity

Hi folks. No time for a proper, real blog post today. Apologies etc. I’m a busy man. Or at least I like to give the impression that I am. However, I thought I’d keep you all entertained with a little placeholder. Please enjoy this lil’ cartoon from Sticky Comics, after the jump (for those of you on the front page, anyways…): Read the rest of this entry »

Scenes from an Impending Marriage

Scenes from an Impending Marriage coverI have gone through a number of comic book phases in my life. Growing up, like most kids, I loved comic books. I’d read whatever I could get my hands on, from Roy of the Rovers to 2000AD to Spiderman. I’d try and draw my own comics, with varying degrees of success. And periodically that interest has resurfaced. Read the rest of this entry »