A walk to the station #6

by Steve

I head out earlier than normal. It is still pretty dark, nearly night, not quite day.

I suppose I am more of a morning person. I like to get on with the day. Heading out at this time feels like I’m getting an early advantage on the day, a head start. It is good to feel I’ve achieved something before the day is too old, even if that achievement is just hauling myself into work. I also like that the earlier I get in to work, the earlier I can leave. Some people get in at 10. That would kill me, knowing I’d still be at work at 6. Get the work out the way, then I can enjoy the day.

As I’m out earlier than usual I realise I may have got my timings wrong re: time needed to get to station for train. I work to pretty fine margins at the best of times. I try running the last stretch, but the cold and my incredible lack of fitness get to me. I get on the platform just in time to see the doors close on the train and the train leave. I check the platform clock. It has left early. I have a twenty-minute wait now. Best laid plans and all that.

So, I go for a walk. I pick up a paper. I reflect that perhaps I shouldn’t have hung around watching TV before I left the home. There seems to be college football repeats on most mornings. I’m not the biggest American football fan but I enjoy watching it in small doses. This morning I caught a little of Utah against UCLA. I think. There was this odd play where Utah kicked off, but the kicker feigned a huge kick and just tapped it 10 yards ahead, and grabbed the ball for himself. That seemed like a sensible, and fun, strategy, although I didn’t completely understand what was going on. I guess he has to kick it a certain distance. and that was in doubt. UCLA asked for a review. It was unsuccessful. I think that review is the reason I missed the train.