27 ideas for things I’d like to see other bloggers write

by Steve

man wearing box speaks to woman

1. Where did it all go wrong?

2. Pick a random Flickr image and write about it/use it as inspiration for a post.

3. Psuedo-intellectual windbaggery versus LOLcats. Who wins?

4. Write a post in fragments.

5. What websites do you visit most frequently? Ideally you’ll share a mix of good sites and ones you are a little ashamed to visit.

6. Why do people get angry on the internet?

7. Write an update/response to David Foster Wallace’s essay E Unibus Pluram, to incorporate/comment upon modern TV/DVD box sets/the internet/other tech/etc and the effect on modern literature.

8. Your perfect city, real or imagined.

9. Why long books/films/series? Why the preoccupation with the ‘epic’?

10. Everyone is a writer now.

11. Write a culture diary.

12. How do you find the time to write?

13. Pitch an idea for a new website/blog, one that you will probably never actually create.

14. Your take on literary and/or longform websites.

15. Something about shopping/consumerism/that kind of thing.

16. Write a post with the help of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s oblique strategies.

17. Everyone is a photographer now.

18. Can sportsmen and women still be considered heroes? Is that kind of thing relevant anymore, or is it just marketing?

19. The view from your window.

20. How you started blogging.

21. That weird interface between online and the ‘real world’, how one infiltrates the other, the move from anonymity to some kind of openness, versions of the self, branding yourself, being too open, not being open enough, that kind of thing.

22. Getting away from it all.

23. Talk about the book you never wrote.

24. Everyone is a curator now.

25. How can we be more understanding of our fellow man when most people are idiots?

26. Reflect on the tired nature of list posts.

27. Write 28 ideas for things you’d like to see other bloggers write.

Post inspired by Mike’s idea to write “A list of ideas for me to blog about whilst I’m clearing my throat, if you will.”

Image from US National Archives, via Flickr