Any requests?

by Steve

Crowd in New Zealand

Hello folks. I’m turning the editorial direction of this place over to you. For a bit. You, the reader, can post any idea for a post, blog post title, or other sort of inspiration for a post such as a video or a song and I will endeavour to write at least 500 words on said subject/title/point of inspiration. I will also, where appropriate, choose a relevant Creative Commons image and/or YouTube video to accompany the post. What an offer, eh?

While I’m not completely out of ideas I think it is fun to turn this place over to my very kind and patient readership once in a while. I tried this a while back and certainly enjoyed attempting to make sense of suggestions from other people. So, providing I get some responses in the comments section below I’ll start working through the ideas next week, ideally every (week)day until I’m done.

Naturally, there are a couple of dangers with a project like this. First, I get no responses at all and am thoroughly embarrassed by trying this in the first place. Secondly, I get too many responses after this post becomes an Internet Viral Sensation and I find myself writing responses until the very end of time. One of these scenarios is more likely than the other, I know.

Should you feel so inclined do post your ideas/requests/etc in the comments box below. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got to throw at me. Cheers.

Image from National Library, NZ