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Crowd in New Zealand

Hello folks. I’m turning the editorial direction of this place over to you. For a bit. You, the reader, can post any idea for a post, blog post title, or other sort of inspiration for a post such as a video or a song and I will endeavour to write at least 500 words on said subject/title/point of inspiration. I will also, where appropriate, choose a relevant Creative Commons image and/or YouTube video to accompany the post. What an offer, eh? Read the rest of this entry »


Strange space-y collage

It is a point that has made before, and has no doubt been made in a more eloquent way, but the internet is full of people presenting something that someone else has actually produced. Much of what the internet churns out is essentially repeats of something that has already been churned out on the internet. I’m not getting on my high horse here, it is second nature for most of us. We share things on Facebook. We retweet. We reblog on Tumblr and WordPress. We embed videos and songs and photos from other people.

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Stockholm looking very blue, in about 1900.

As I think this WordPress theme is rather pretty and well-suited to big, pretty pictures, I thought I’d intermittently share some of the finest Creative Commons images I can get my mitts on. Keeps the post-rate up too, eh? I’d take some photos myself, but they are generally awful, unless I use one of those Polaroid app-things that makes even the worst photo look like a beautiful, wistful memory.

Image from the Swedish National Heritage Board, via Flickr