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Freshly Pressed – Welcome to all you new folk and a quick question

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A big hello and welcome to everyone who has come across this site after seeing my recent post on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page. I hope some of you consider following this blog or subscribing to the RSS feed or just pop back at some point or other in the future. A huge thank you to everyone who has followed/commented/liked already. If you really can’t get enough of my waffling, I’m on Twitter and Tumblr too. Blogging is a huge amount of fun no matter who is reading, but it would be wonderful if some of you great folk could stick around. Read the rest of this entry »

Prompt Me

weird infomation machines on a stageFriend of the blog Mike posted a fine list of blogging ideas last month. This was in response to a similar post of mine. And here I am now, inspired to write a post, from a post that was inspired by mine. And the idea I’ve been inspired by is to reflect on the nature of writing prompts. This makes this either an incredibly neat and apt post or a bit indulgent and inward-looking. Probably a bit of all of the above. Read the rest of this entry »

27 ideas for things I’d like to see other bloggers write

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1. Where did it all go wrong? Read the rest of this entry »

Four Hundred

Crowd looking upwardsHuddled people braving the rainI could never motivate myself to write a diary. I’d start in January, a little late, never on the 1st. I might backdate a few entries. And then I’d stop after a week or so. Maybe because there was nothing interesting to write. Nothing interesting happens anyway, and even less happens in early January. Maybe it had yet to hardwire itself into my routine. What I wrote was dull, or self-absorbed, or embarrassing. Who would want to read it? Who would read it? Was I just going to leave my diary hanging around, or was I planning on there being some sort of posthumous release after a long and yet-to-be-decided career? Read the rest of this entry »

Prompted into action

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WordPress offers bloggers regular ideas or starting points for new posts, with the Daily Prompt feature. I can certainly see the value of it but have always been a little wary. I’d like to write stuff from my own ideas, not from the prompts of others. But with a short period of blogging-time becoming available, and no posts lined up in my head that I could just bash out without any real work, I figured I’d take a look at the suggestions and see if I was inspired. And I was. Kind of. I thought I’d try to respond to the last five prompts posted here in this very post. Read the rest of this entry »