Hot Sauce Odyssey – Introduction

by Steve

A sign that says "HOT". Either that, or it is a "HOTEL" sign that's been cropped. We just don't know.I can’t get enough heat. I’m pretty sure I have some kind of minor addiction to chillis, in one form or another. The taste and the sensation certainly seem to trigger some kind of lovely rush.

So, I was pretty pleased to find out that chilli can make you eat less. There can’t be that many foods that are not only super-tasty, but have proven health benefits. I’m obviously skipping over the fact that, according to the research, as an established and dedicated chilli-head, the effects are reduced.

I should probably also state that I generally try to avoid articles that state *FOOD STUFF* MAKES YOU *LIVE FOREVER*/*DIE HORRIBLY* (delete as appropriate) as I’m never convinced that they are that helpful, especially when you can often find two different articles on the same food stuff, one placing it in the LIVE FOREVER category, the other in the DIE HORRIBLY one. So, I end up just reading and believing what I want to believe (LIVE FOREVER!) rather than accepting that a moderate and sensible diet is the way forward.

Anyway, as part of my chilli adoration I seem to have found myself with an ever-growing collection of hot sauces. And in the esteemed tradition of bloggers the world over, I figured I’d start a new series, before inevitably letting it die out before it really starts.

So, join me dear reader, on my journey exploring the world’s finest hot sauces. It will be fun. While it lasts. Which might not be long.

Naturally, thoughts and recommendations are very welcome…

Image from Pastanaut, via Flickr