by Steve

Jars full of all sorts of weird stuffDear reader, after a minor blogging hiatus I would love to bring you an engrossing, well-considered, lengthy post that pulled together myriad cultural and philosophical issues in new and surprising ways, that made you look at the world in a new light and generally put a spring in your step and a song in your heart. Alas, that is not to be.

I will cite the scoundrel’s defence of being busy, although I know that isn’t really a meaningful and acceptable excuse. Last week, I admit, I was part of an am dram production, not only treading the boards, but also helping with set building and then general scene shifting during the performances themselves, under the ever-organised/helpful supervision of my stage manager wife.

I’d even planned some kind of post about the Amateur Theatre Experience, or some such nonsense, but you know how it is. It never happened.

This week…well, there’s been work and catching up on Real Life, but nothing dramatic. However, I thought it might be fun, or would at least pad out the blog and get one post up this week, if I outlined what I’ve  been enjoying of late and then leave it to you good folks to run with it in the comments, should you desire.

What I’ve been eating…

Never fear, the Hot Sauce Odyssey will continue. As I’m considering hot sauce in the broadest sense of the term, I’ve certainly got enough hot sauce experiences to blog about. While it may not be of interest to any regular readers, I can but hope that further posts attract other hot sauce social media departments.

I went to Herman Ze German, the food was as good as the stereotyping.

What I’ve been drinking…

Nothing to really warrant a further booze review. While I would like to rectify this situation, I am also aware of my developing Newly-Wed-Comfort-Weight, so should really knuckle down to some healthy livin’ so I don’t balloon out too much.

What I’ve been listening to…

I have been bingeing on This American Life episodes lately, as I’m sure most right-thinking people with plenty of earphone-time do from time to time. The Very Tough Love episode was incredibly powerful. Beyond that, I am starting to fixate a little too much on Ira Glass announcing episodes or acts in his deadpan/laconic/throwaway style. It makes me giggle, especially when it is a convoluted or complicated title. I am easy pleased.

I have also enjoyed trawling the Year of Mixtapes site. The Post-Disco, Pre-House mix is amazing. Lots of familiar tracks, but none have been overplayed to the point that they are cheesy. Some really clever production too, crisp, punchy, clean, yet undeniably warm and summer-y. These songs also trigger some Wistful Nostalgia Synapse or something, and take me back to some sunny, endless childhood summer. This stuff is like chillwave, but with tunes, and without bullshit.

What I’ve been watching…

Not enough sport. Never enough sport. I have caught a little minor league baseball, and should really start putting together a blog post about it. Lots of material to work with.

What I’ve been writing…

Well, apart from this nonsense, I’ve kept my Twitter account ticking over. I love Twitter, but it does probably stop me doing any worthwhile. I’ve scribbled some fiction-y stuff, but not enough to really say anything beyond that. Really I should spend more time on stories and less time on random name generators finding silly names for my characters.

What I’ve been reading…

Mainly the behemoth that is David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Obviously, I’m about 15 years late to the party on this one. Plus, I think the internet probably has enough DFW/IJ discourse without me adding to it. But safe to say I’m very much enjoying it and it is not as scary or inaccessible as some might suggest. Parts read a bit like stand-up routines. I’d make a Bill Hicks comparison, but it’s probably been made before, and I don’t want to fall into the trap of lumping Dead Artists together either.

Phew. I wasn’t planning to write that much. But it’s still filler, reading it back. Just more than expected. My laptop is dying, and so is your will to read any more, I fear. Comments/thoughts welcome etc etc.

Image from Library of Congress, via Flickr