Ten Things I Could Be Blogging About That I’m Not (Blogging About)

by Steve

Toucan, in a treeWhenever I read those goofy, carny “How to Blog Better and Make a Ton of Money of the Unsuspecting and Easily-Led Public” sites, they forever talk about “pillars of content” and how list posts are a great way of getting traffic and generating content and all that nonsense. So, I figured I’d attempt something along those lines and wait for the millions of visitors to steam in, marvelling at my prose and offering to write me a cheque out of sheer gratitude for my writing endeavours. Without further ado, Ten Things I Could Be Blogging About That I’m Not (Blogging About)…

  1. I could explain my blogging hiatus. I could go into detail about wedding plans, like suits and wine and entertainment and being really very excited at the prospect of it all.
  2. I could discuss my work commitments, as a further reason for slacking on the blogging front. That would’ve been fun, eh?
  3. I could even explore how sometimes it seems like there is nothing worth writing about. Or, at least, there is no subject to which I can add some insight or value. Or that when I do think of something to write about, I leave it so long that is no longer pertinent or current or interesting. Or someone else has said it better already.
  4. I could write about NaNoWriMo, about how it is such an inspiring and ingenious idea. I could pledge to do it next year, when I have more time and more ideas. I could at least plug the sterling efforts of two regular commenters – Steven and MDS.
  5. I could talk about the unremitting misery of being a sporting fan, particularly in reference to Liverpool’s last minute defeat at the weekend. I could come to the conclusion that sporting allegiance is the path to misery, yet if you follow a dominant club that is even worse, as you expect success. You’re never surprised or enchanted by it. I could conclude that I was kidding myself, and of course it is more fun supporting a team that doesn’t break your heart every week. I could, after that, change my mind and decide that those people who support proper underdogs are the true heart and soul of sport. I could reflect on my youth following my local non-league team, who were awful. And change my mind again.
  6. I could begin to mull over my favourite albums from this year. Or even begin to mull over just why I buy so few albums compared to five or ten years ago.
  7. I could talk about the snow. I could regale you with the tale of my journey into work, where mere millimetres of snow brought the whole train network in South East England to a standstill. I could get irrationally irritated with people using umbrellas in the rain. I mean, who uses umbrellas in the rain? And why do they aim them at my eyes?
  8. And the people in the queue ahead of me this morning in the coffee shop. Do they really think it is acceptable to just chat amongst themselves whilst keeping the Coffee Employee waiting, with a big queue behind them? Do they really think it is acceptable to take forever to decide on their drink – and then just order a white coffee? Do they really think it is acceptable to not only all pay separately, but by credit card, putting just £1.80 on each card?
  9. Harrumph!
  10. Will this do?

Image of Toucan by Brian Gratwicke via Flickr. Those bloggy-advice sites are always on my back about using images. I like toucans. So, toucan play that game. Boom-tish.