The Wedding SUIT!

by Steve

El Santo and th Blue Demon, in swanky suitsWedding plans are well on their way now. It has been *touch wood* a really very smooth journey so far, thanks in no small part to incredibly supportive and easy-going parents, and the magnificent, unstinting work of my Significant Other. So far, we’ve made a pretty good team. There have been a couple of tasks that have fallen solely to me, however. One of the most exciting of these has been buying myself a new suit. Read on, for my adventures in successfully dressing myself properly…

For many years I’ve dreamed about getting a suit made. While I’m no fine sartorial specimen or fashionista, not by any stretch, it has always seemed like a lovely indulgence. I also like the idea of having a good, timeless suit, that fits, and that can be worn for years to big occasions without looking horrible.

Getting married seemed like the most obvious reason/excuse to actually fulfil that dream and justify the expense. Luckily, my Significant Other was very much in favour.

I really didn’t want to just hire a suit, as we both felt it would be odd for me to get married in an outfit many others had been married in before. Plus, the ceremony is pretty low-key, and the rest of the day pretty informal, and so I felt a normal ‘lounge’ suit would be much better for the occasion than any sort of fancy morning wear (which probably would demand hire, or spending a ton of money buying a suit I’d never wear again).

One of my ushers recently got a bespoke suit made for his wedding, and was an invaluable guide to the options available. Once it became clear that the cost of a suit made to my specifications wouldn’t be a whole lot more than a decent/designer ‘off-the-peg’ number, the decision was made. I was getting a proper, made-for-me, SUIT!

In a more sober moment, I also decided I could justify it as an investment too, as I’ll have a great suit to wear after the wedding. Plenty of our wedding purchases seem to have followed this logic. We’re going to have a load of stuff to use/repurpose/sell after the wedding.

My usher/suit consultant and I first tried a tailor on Savile Row. It was clear that they would be well out of my price range, but the plan was to pick their brains as much as we could. Sadly, I’m a bit of a scruffy so-and-so, so while we got the general sales blurb, we didn’t get a whole lot of insight on what would work for me. I think he could tell I wasn’t a moneyed gent.

While the proper Savile Row tailoring process sounded fascinating, at a starting price of £3,000 I decided I ought to look elsewhere. I mean, I wanted to look good on my wedding day, but I didn’t want to blow three grand in the process.

In the end, I settled upon a fairly new company, based in the City, Cad & the Dandy. They were incredibly helpful in the consultation, guiding me through all manner of fabrics and helping decide on the cut and detailing and the like. They were very approachable and made the whole experience enjoyable, when it could have been quite nerve-wracking. They also accepted my indecision with good grace. I was poring over fabrics for ages, near-paralysed at the choice on offer.

I went for a cheaper option than full bespoke, but it is still a step up from simple made-to-measure. So, while much of it has been machine-stitched, there are elements that are hand-stitched, and they created a unique pattern for the suit according to my measurements. A great excuse to get another suit should I get an unexpected windfall, methinks…

I tried my suit on for the first time yesterday, and should be able to collect it at the end of the week, once a few adjustments have been made. It looks great, and works marvels in making me look smart and slim. Plus, I never realised how good I (or anyone else) could look in a waistcoat. Wonders never cease.

It was quite a bizarre feeling, standing in a shop in the suit I’ll be getting married in. It is all feeling very real, and very near. And I can’t wait.

Now, to get a decent shirt, tie and shoes…