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Monday Reading

Man standing at a New York newsstand

A day later than I usually do this kind of thing, but I thought it was still worth sharing some of the writing I’ve enjoyed most over the past week or so. And a day without my extended ramblings is probably no bad thing. Hopefully you’ll find something you like… Read the rest of this entry »


Ten Things I Could Be Blogging About That I’m Not (Blogging About)

Toucan, in a treeWhenever I read those goofy, carny “How to Blog Better and Make a Ton of Money of the Unsuspecting and Easily-Led Public” sites, they forever talk about “pillars of content” and how list posts are a great way of getting traffic and generating content and all that nonsense. So, I figured I’d attempt something along those lines and wait for the millions of visitors to steam in, marvelling at my prose and offering to write me a cheque out of sheer gratitude for my writing endeavours. Without further ado, Ten Things I Could Be Blogging About That I’m Not (Blogging About)… Read the rest of this entry »