Monday Reading

by Steve

Man standing at a New York newsstand

A day later than I usually do this kind of thing, but I thought it was still worth sharing some of the writing I’ve enjoyed most over the past week or so. And a day without my extended ramblings is probably no bad thing. Hopefully you’ll find something you like…

  • Sunday – a wonderfully evocative post about that traditional day of rest. There is something innately nostalgic and melancholic about Sundays, this post captures that perfectly.
  • YMCA, July 5 – another fine essay, primarily about a post-Independence Day trip to the gym, but with some lovely observations and turns of phrase to suggest a whole lot more.
  • The sky might fall on your head – a writer gets lost around London each birthday.
  • The art of walking – another great post about getting lost (in many senses) while walking.
  • The Middle Park Stakes: The Eltham Connection – something for that rather narrow demographic of South East London horse racing fans, from a blog that is well worth reading if you have any sort of interest in the South East of England – a great example of how local blogging can work.
  • THE F.U.N.K SINGLES PAGE OCTOBER 2013 – I wish more music writing was like this.

Image from the New York Public Library, via Flickr