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The Road to Erith Pier

View from pierThe other Sunday seemed to be the first proper warm day of the year. A day without coats and without regrets about not wearing coats. A day when you can sit indoors, but will feel the guilt creep over you as you see the sun outside, the weather you’ve been waiting for through those months of damp and cold and wind. You feel compelled to go out. Read the rest of this entry »


Man taking coffee, alone

The invention of the Walkman facilitated the end of the social society. Or I’ve read something along those lines, anyway. It is easy to blame some technology, rather than ourselves. Blaming someone else is easier than blaming ourselves. Blaming something inanimate is even easier. Anyway, I like wearing earphones while I’m out and about. It means I can give everyone around me a visual cue that I’m anti-social without all the effort of actually being anti-social. It is a passive form, rather than the aggression of the Loud Person On Phone. You know not to disturb someone with earphones or headphones, if there is someone else nearby to pester who isn’t plugged in. I like that barrier, that shelter.

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Monday Reading

Man standing at a New York newsstand

A day later than I usually do this kind of thing, but I thought it was still worth sharing some of the writing I’ve enjoyed most over the past week or so. And a day without my extended ramblings is probably no bad thing. Hopefully you’ll find something you like… Read the rest of this entry »