Messi reclaims the beautiful game

by Steve

It would be incredibly easy to feel disillusioned about football right now. We’re seen the moral bankruptcy of players and the actual bankruptcy of teams. Money is king, yet nobody seems to have a clue about managing it properly.

It may be a gross simplification, but it appears in many ways that the sport is mirroring the arrogance and lack of foresight we’ve seen in the financial markets, and is building its very own house of cards, really to fall at any moment.

Yet still, there are moments when football redeems itself, and rises above the quagmire of the modern game. Take St Mirren’s trouncing of the mighty Celtic last night. That 4-0 result will be etched in the memories of both sets of fans for some time, albeit for very different reasons. Shock events like that help keep the sport, for want of a better word, magical. No matter how poor your side is, you keep supporting and hoping, as just once you might get a night like the one St Mirren supporters experienced last night. Improbable, fantastical and utterly brilliant.

And on a more aesthetic level, how about that Lionel Messi? Sunday night he scored his second successive hat-trick and his performance was truly breathtaking. Here is the best player in the world right now, a genuine joy to watch as he mesmerises opponents and observers alike. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you really must. I won’t spoil the goals for you, but just look at the grace and intelligence and fun on show. Enjoy, and remember how fantastic football can be.