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Messi reclaims the beautiful game

It would be incredibly easy to feel disillusioned about football right now. We’re seen the moral bankruptcy of players and the actual bankruptcy of teams. Money is king, yet nobody seems to have a clue about managing it properly.

It may be a gross simplification, but it appears in many ways that the sport is mirroring the arrogance and lack of foresight we’ve seen in the financial markets, and is building its very own house of cards, really to fall at any moment. Read the rest of this entry »

Today’s tips – or The Return Of Betting Hell

When I restarted this blog I eased myself in with a series of tips – or at least a daily record of what I was betting on each day. To begin with there was some profit, and I was sad that I was only betting to incredibly small stakes. Then I lost and lost and lost, and was extremely happy to be only betting to incredibly small stakes. However, I figured that such a remarkable knack for picking the wrong horse/football team/baseball team/cricket team etc wasn’t really worth noting in blog form.

Until today that is, when my betting escapades make a (welcome? unwelcome? unnoticed?) return. With some time off work I’ve had the opportunity to study the form, decide on a plan of action and go to war with the bookie. However, I’ve ended up just following other tipsters and going along with what seems like reasonably sensible bets. I’d say Poets Voice is the only conclusion I’ve come to on my own – so perhaps you’re best avoiding that one like the plague!

Today’s selections:

York Racing:

2.15 Poets Voice

2.50 Jukebox Jury


Sunderland to draw or win

Celtic/Arsenal to draw