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Hodgson’s first coup as Joe Cole signs for Liverpool

Joe Cole, new signing for Liverpool Liverpool’s signing of Joe Cole is a positive sign, both on and off the pitch, and some welcome good news for the team’s supporters after a horrible season and the uncertainties over the club’s ownership and finances. Cole should bring some much-needed creativity to the side, particularly since the departure of Yossi Benayoun to, of all clubs, Chelsea. Read the rest of this entry »

Messi reclaims the beautiful game

It would be incredibly easy to feel disillusioned about football right now. We’re seen the moral bankruptcy of players and the actual bankruptcy of teams. Money is king, yet nobody seems to have a clue about managing it properly.

It may be a gross simplification, but it appears in many ways that the sport is mirroring the arrogance and lack of foresight we’ve seen in the financial markets, and is building its very own house of cards, really to fall at any moment. Read the rest of this entry »