Wedding Photography

by Steve

Couple outside St Paul's Cathedral

I walk past St Paul’s Cathedral most days. Each time there is someone taking a photograph, it doesn’t seem to matter what time it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve wandered into a fair few holiday snaps. 

I’ve noticed on occasion there will be a couple in full wedding regalia, having their photo taken. I thought weddings at St Paul’s were rather rare. Maybe they are not, but I suspect if you got married at St Paul’s you’d probably have a few guests. But these couples were accompanied by just a photographer, and maybe one other person, who fussed enough around them to suggest they are a stylist.

It seems there is a trend among some couples of flying over and having their wedding photos taken outside St Paul’s. It seems a little silly at first, a wild indulgence. But then I bet they have some really fun images to look back upon. And a photo shoot is staged, no matter where it is. While photography can reveal truth, it is often some sort of fabrication. They have just taken that to its (un)natural conclusion.

I hope they didn’t mind me taking a photo too. I hope they had fun, have good photos and have a lovely, long marriage. Or maybe it was just a photo shoot for a wedding dress catalogue or something. They were creating their truth and I was creating mine.