Pub Talk

by Steve

Some proper social history tucked away on YouTube – footage from 1972 of the regulars of a Bermondsey pub reminiscing about the area, the pub, and holidays hop picking.

They already feel like the world has moved on. I have no idea what they would make on London 40+ years later. The funny thing is the young people they are talking about in this clip are probably sat in pubs now reminiscing about then and saying London has changed, things aren’t the same, the young don’t know how lucky they are etc etc etc.

Same as it was, same as it ever will be. London will always be lost for someone and found for someone else. Everything changes, everything stays the same. There will always be something you can learn from listening to the old soak in the pub, and you’ll almost certainly not listen, and one day become that old soak yourself.

It turns out the pub is still there.