Advent Calendar 2015: Day Two

by Steve


Our tree won’t be as big as this one.

I’m not sure when we’ll decorate, as there’s the whole finding the decorations, untangling the decorations, hanging the decorations, rehanging the decorations as they don’t look right, re-rehanging the decorations back to how they were, buying new decorations, re-re-rehanging the decorations to incorporate the new decorations thing to consider.

And that takes time. And as much as it seems like a chore, it is a joy, really. It is all part of the traditions and memory-making of Christmas.

And that can’t be rushed, crammed into a slot between work and eating and the day-to-day. It needs to be a bit of an event in itself. So, there is a trade-off. I’d love a whole month of decorations, but I’d also like the decorating itself to feel special.

Even if I bet I end up swearing at the fairy lights at some point.