Advent Calendar 2015: Day One

by Steve


CHRISTMAS! Well, maybe not Christmas just yet, but perhaps the start of the period where it is acceptable to be seen to be getting more in the festive spirit.

I seem to already be halfway there. I’m pretty sure I’ve been eating mince pies for a couple of months now. I even saw Father Christmas at the weekend. He was dressed in green, not red, very much the anti-Coke Santa, and the pro-Victorian Santa. He explained that some people used to call him Captain Christmas, which to me sounds like the best superhero ever. Also, there was apparently a lot more yelling of “Wassail!” back then.

Today I popped into a church, running short services for commuters. I figured I should at least acknowledge the religious part of the season before I descend into the evil consumerist mire.

The minister talked about this being a good time of year for starting a conversation. So, how have you all been?

And wassail!