Friday Jukebox: Made My Mind Up

by Steve

Sometimes I like to kid myself that I have broad tastes musically, that I’m all about the experimental, the weird, the leftfield, out-there and obscure.

But there are times when only a perfect little indie pop song will do. There are times when I need timeless melodies, chiming guitars, the gentle shuffle, the easy harmonies. And timeless is the key word there – the sort of song with a lineage from the Byrds to Big Star to Teenage Fanclub and all those forgotten power pop trios and indie/alternative combos inbetween.

And this song fits perfectly into that lineage and is just what I need this sunny Friday afternoon. The sort of song that makes you happy yet wistful. The sort of song that can have you whistling one minute and all melancholy and thoughtful the next.

This is my soundtrack. For today, at least.