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Friday Jukebox: Made My Mind Up

Sometimes I like to kid myself that I have broad tastes musically, that I’m all about the experimental, the weird, the leftfield, out-there and obscure. Read the rest of this entry »

First impressions of ‘Hospitality’

Hospitality album cover

What does it take to create a great indie album in 2012? Can it even be done? Indie rock, pretty much however you define it, has always been a derivative art form, influenced equally by sixties pop/rock and punk with a sprinkling of other more esoteric sounds. And it has always influenced itself, but more and more so in recent years, bands influenced by bands influenced by bands. There is always the risk and the reality of the law of diminishing returns. A xerox of a xerox etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Building those coalitions

handshakeI think what I like about WordPress most is the way the platform helps foster communities and encourages networking amongst its users. Or, to put it another way, it is full of lots of good people, who are fun to read, respond to, and generally get to know. In a non-scary, non-stalker-y sense, I hasten to add. Read the rest of this entry »

Building international coalitions through beer, American indie rock, college football and other delights

Denver Pale AleA little over a month ago England drew with the United States at the World Cup, and I lost a bet with Zac from the fine blog Building International Coalitions Through Beer And Pavement.1 Luckily, losing the bet just involved writing a blog post, rather than parting with huge wedges of cash or undertaking embarrassing forfeits. However, being the terrible, lazy, busy man that I am, it is only now I have got around to the task at hand… Read the rest of this entry »