Christmas Jukebox: Last Christmas

by Steve

This week I’ve been listening to probably the least festive album ever, Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible. The new remaster is excellent, for what it is worth. Anyway, that led me to think about this cover version of a song that is perhaps one of the sadder Christmas songs.

This is really lovely interpretation, is sung entirely straight without a nod or wink, and has the sort of melancholy feel that really appeals this time of year. The footage is even more melancholy as James Dean Bradfield is surrounded by the horrible mid-90s gurning masses that they funneled into TFI Friday each week.

It is pretty odd clip (Richard and Judy make a cameo) but all the more touching for the strange context. JDB the man alone in a terrible fake pub, wondered what on Earth led him here. I imagine there will be a few of us in fake pubs with fake people over the next few days wondering the same thing.