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Christmas Jukebox: Sleigh Ride

Johnny Mathis rocking a pretty sweet yet subtle festive sweater and quite the routine too…

Christmas Jukebox: Motown Merry Christmas Medley

Now that’s what I call a 1980s Motown Christmas Special.

Christmas Jukebox: Spotlight on Christmas

Rufus Wainwright has one of the great voices in modern music and he can certainly write a song too. This one generally gets a few spins in my household each Christmas.

Christmas Jukebox: Maybe This Christmas

For those of you already feeling a little frazzled by the festive period, I think this song might help a little. I think it is lovely. A nice simple video for it too.

Christmas Jukebox: Last Christmas

This week I’ve been listening to probably the least festive album ever, Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible. The new remaster is excellent, for what it is worth. Anyway, that led me to think about this cover version of a song that is perhaps one of the sadder Christmas songs. Read the rest of this entry »