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Christmas Jukebox: Underneath The Tree

It seems to be accepted knowledge that nobody releases good Christmas songs these days. While binge-watching Christmas music video programmes I heard this song, from last year, which I think is as good as any popular Christmas song, and thus disproves that particular theory. Or maybe it is the eggnog talking. Although I don’t actually drink eggnog because I think an egg-based liqueur cocktail just isn’t right.

Christmas Jukebox: Blue Christmas

Elvis is in the building…and this version, from his ’68 comeback special, is just brilliant.

Christmas Jukebox: Rock And Roll Santa

One of the odder Christmas songs I’ve come across, and definitely one of the odder Christmas videos too, but those of you who like your Outsider Music should feel a little more festive after this.

Christmas Jukebox: Marshmallow World

There aren’t enough Christmas Specials on TV these days. And there aren’t enough sets mocked up to look like homes either. I even think there isn’t enough silliness. The above clip ticks all those boxes I think.

Christmas Jukebox: Santa On The Roof

A rockabilly sort-of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-type thing for your Friday night.