Advent Calendar 2014: Day Thirteen

by Steve

Fallen tree in park

A day of long walks. Nowhere particularly grand, just some local strolls. It was one of those bitterly cold but brilliantly sunny days that is invigorating and generally raises the spirits. It was later one of those lovely twilights where the light is wistful but not melancholy, a nice calm way to wind down a Saturday.

I spent a long time wondering about the morals, or at least the protocol, for photographing the various Christmas displays I saw outside the homes I passed. Some were very pretty, some plain daft, and many seemed worth recording.

I suspect most people who put on a display like that would be happy for someone to take a picture, would see it as a compliment, but maybe some people would see it as an intrusion. I thought knocking and asking would be odd. I didn’t fancy risking the ire of someone who doesn’t like their display being snapped, for whatever reason. I worry too much.

The resolution to this was to stalk around at night to take the photos. That wouldn’t be weird and suspicious, right?

We ended up in a local park. It was stark and quiet and beautiful. There was a recently fallen tree that was far more astonishing and maybe even festive than a gaudy Christmas display. It was good to be vaguely among nature. I think the park is at its best this time of year.