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Advent Calendar 2014: Day Thirteen

Fallen tree in park

A day of long walks. Nowhere particularly grand, just some local strolls. It was one of those bitterly cold but brilliantly sunny days that is invigorating and generally raises the spirits. It was later one of those lovely twilights where the light is wistful but not melancholy, a nice calm way to wind down a Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »

The Road to Erith Pier

View from pierThe other Sunday seemed to be the first proper warm day of the year. A day without coats and without regrets about not wearing coats. A day when you can sit indoors, but will feel the guilt creep over you as you see the sun outside, the weather you’ve been waiting for through those months of damp and cold and wind. You feel compelled to go out. Read the rest of this entry »

Everyday Adventures

Dog riding a bicycle

You find yourself exploring parks you’ve never really explored before, working out their boundaries and the links between each park as you make your way. You spot streetlights right in the middle of one park, which seems odd. You think people probably use these paths as handy cut-throughs from one street to another. There are the old tennis courts, some neglected, some with new play furniture built upon them. Read the rest of this entry »