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Advent Calendar 2014: Day Twenty Two

Snowman made of wood, outside house

On my travels I’ve come across a lot of public displays of Christmas. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t much of this when I was a kid, but now it seems like every other house has some sort of decoration outside of it. A dummy Santa flails in the wind on every street. Lights twinkle, flash, falter. Some of the displays are rather tasteful, others lean towards kitsch, others are plain gaudy, others still are just odd. But this is my favourite display, a snowman made out of wood. The photo is unfortunately a little blurry, but I’d been loitering outside his owner’s house for long enough.

Advent Calendar 2014: Day Thirteen

Fallen tree in park

A day of long walks. Nowhere particularly grand, just some local strolls. It was one of those bitterly cold but brilliantly sunny days that is invigorating and generally raises the spirits. It was later one of those lovely twilights where the light is wistful but not melancholy, a nice calm way to wind down a Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »