Observed scene

by Steve

Man reading newspaper and drinking coffee

There are three gentlemen, suited.

They are displaying the standard behaviours of a business meeting. All three are a little too smiley, a little too stilted. One of them has a big black hat that he rests on the coffee table. A big black hat like the villains wear in westerns. He sits down and looks comfortable, he states he is happy drinking any sort of coffee. He has the ease of a man waiting to be impressed. Across from him the second man leads the conversation, his bald head thrusting forwards. He wants a black coffee, with cream on the side. He states this as if it is the easiest option. That he hasn’t time for fancy coffee with a fancy name. The third man scurries away to get their coffees. The bald guy makes small talk. It sounds like the small talk is about drones. He says, enough of that, I want to show you how much this means to me. He pulls out his phone and scrolls through until he finds an image. I carry this list wherever I go. This is how much this means to me. He passes his phone to the hat man to prove his point. The hat man takes the phone and looks at as if he has never seen a phone before.

The coffee man returns. There is no cream. Only milk.

Image from Smuk Luka, via Flickr