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Putting off what could be done tomorrow, today

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1st January

“In life there must also be troubles, so that beauty stands out more vividly from the unpleasantness. Worry is the best teacher.”

Robert Walser, quoted in Walks With Walser by Carl Seelig.

Strangely Warmed

Walking past the Barbican, towards the City, I came across a plaque. I enjoy these official, and often semi-official, markers of London’s past.

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The Building Game

While I am out and about I sometimes play a little game for my amusement.

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Teeming Black Scrawl

Last week I read W.G. Sebald’s A Place In The Country, a collection of essays on his favourite writers. Within I found the beginnings of a roadmap for writing:

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24th of December

This is a season governed by custom. So I like how Christmas Eve feels far more personal – we all have our own routines rather than feeling bound by tradition.

We took an evening walk around our local streets, enjoying the lights and displays. As much as I love the insularity of Christmas, of holing up away from the world, I think it is also good to feel part of something bigger and engage in that world a little.

It was wonderful to share a moment like this with loved ones. I know I am exceptionally lucky.