Premier League Report Card

by Steve

Watty Moore, footballer, kicking a ballIt’s been a while since I blogged about football, and I figured the end of the Premier League season was as good a time as any to return to that particular blogging well. However, being lazy and somewhat ill-informed, I’ve realised I haven’t got a whole lot of detailed insight to offer you, dear reader. So, instead, I’ve decided comment on each team’s performance in a single sentence. Marvel at my ingenuity! Gasp at the concise erudition! Wonder why I even bothered! Add your own, far more considered thoughts using the handy commenting facility!

1          Manchester United

Not the most convincing champions, Manchester United certainly benefited from a rather limp challenge from Chelsea, Arsenal et al, and were able to fall back on some incredible home form (won 18, drawn 1, lost none).

2          Chelsea

Poor Carlo Ancelotti for getting the sack, as Chelsea fail to realise their problems stem from a lack of stability and consistency within their personnel –  they can’t win everything, every year.

3          Manchester City

The breakthrough year for the team swimming in money, but they were flattered in their final position by the clubs around them in the league going into one form of  freefall or another.

4          Arsenal

An awful end to the season, and proof if proof were needed that consistency wins you the Premier League, and that pretty football from great youngsters isn’t enough.

5          Tottenham Hotspur

I’m not convinced that a season of Europa League football was what they were after – they need to rebuild to compete next season and wheeler-dealer Redknapp looks ready to do that.

6          Liverpool

A tale of two halves, but they would be wise to use the gift of hindsight to realise that part one of the season was not all Roy Hodgson’s fault, and that part two ‘s success under Kenny Dalglish will not be sustainable next season unless there is significant investment in the squad.

7          Everton

Is there a steadier hand in the Premier League than David Moyes?

8          Fulham

An excellent finishing spot for a relatively ‘small’ club to finish in, and if they could have converted some of those draws into victories they would have worried some of the teams above.

9          Aston Villa

A pretty steady season, taken all in all, but I can’t see them bettering it.

10        Sunderland

Sunderland spend a lot of money in order to end up in mid-table obscurity.

11        West Bromwich Albion

The redemption of Roy Hodgson – he got them scoring, winning, and they ended up far higher up the table than anyone predicted.

12        Newcastle United

An eminently calm and sensible season from Newcastle United – nobody expected that, surely?

13        Stoke City

A horrible record away and a strong record at home (at a fearsome ground) made for mid-table safety.

14        Bolton Wanderers

Considering how high up the table they were earlier in the season, their final spot has to be a disappointment, and a worry for next season.

15        Blackburn Rovers

A pretty poor side, who stayed up as the Premier League was not short of poor sides this year.

16        Wigan Athletic

Wigan were one of those poor sides, but somehow stayed up.

17        Wolverhampton Wanderers

As were Wolves, who somehow stayed up too.

18        Birmingham City

I wonder if they’d trade in that League Cup win for Premier League survival?

19        Blackpool

Great fun to watch, attacking football was a breath of fresh air, a manager as quote-machine, but being the Old Romantic’s favourite isn’t ever enough to keep a team up, do matter how much they “have a go”.

20        West Ham United

A one man team doesn’t stand a chance either.

Image from Museum of Hartlepool, via Flickr