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Premier League Report Card

Watty Moore, footballer, kicking a ballIt’s been a while since I blogged about football, and I figured the end of the Premier League season was as good a time as any to return to that particular blogging well. However, being lazy and somewhat ill-informed, I’ve realised I haven’t got a whole lot of detailed insight to offer you, dear reader. So, instead, I’ve decided comment on each team’s performance in a single sentence. Marvel at my ingenuity! Gasp at the concise erudition! Wonder why I even bothered! Add your own, far more considered thoughts using the handy commenting facility! Read the rest of this entry »

Liverpool 3 Manchester United 1: A match report, of sorts

A wonderful day’s football for me yesterday, as Liverpool thoroughly trounced their rivals Manchester United. It is all the sweeter that United have lived up to their reputation of being poor, undignified losers, with their manager Alex Ferguson imposing a press blackout (even including their own in-house channel) and reports of considerable upset from the United camp over the referee’s performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Is a goal crazy Premier League a good thing?

GoalpostAfter the madness of the transfer window, came the madness of the game itself, as the Premier League yielded a hatful of goals this weekend. On Saturday 41 goals were scored in eight games, which if my rudimentary calculations are correct, works out at over five goals a game. Goaltastic indeed. Read the rest of this entry »