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Premier League Report Card

Watty Moore, footballer, kicking a ballIt’s been a while since I blogged about football, and I figured the end of the Premier League season was as good a time as any to return to that particular blogging well. However, being lazy and somewhat ill-informed, I’ve realised I haven’t got a whole lot of detailed insight to offer you, dear reader. So, instead, I’ve decided comment on each team’s performance in a single sentence. Marvel at my ingenuity! Gasp at the concise erudition! Wonder why I even bothered! Add your own, far more considered thoughts using the handy commenting facility! Read the rest of this entry »

Return of the King

Kenny DalglishFootball post time! Interesting times at Liverpool this weekend, as beleaguered manager Roy Hodgson was removed and replaced by Kenny Dalglish. As a Liverpool supporter I couldn’t help but feel excited at seeing a club legend, one of Liverpool’s greatest players and managers, back in charge. Read the rest of this entry »

I have inadvertently become the internet’s number one Roy Hodgson apologist

Roy Hodgson

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Well, a pretty terrible start to the season for Liverpool. Eight games in, and languishing in 19th, a relegation spot. Inevitably, people are already calling for the head of new manager Roy Hodgson. One of the most visible commentators on Twitter, Paul Tomkins, has been at the forefront of these discussions, but has been good enough to retweet my more pro-Roy tweets. This has led to me receiving a barrage of messages questioning me, and demanding the removal of Hodgson. Read the rest of this entry »

A belated moan about the start of the new football season, and some quiet optimism about Liverpool

football pitch, grass and markingsOK, so I am finally, reluctantly, willing to accept the football season has started.

Other sports provide us with lengthy off-seasons, for us to collect our thoughts, take a break, enjoy other sports, and gradually look forward to the start of the next season.

Football gives us no such luxury. Read the rest of this entry »

Hodgson’s first coup as Joe Cole signs for Liverpool

Joe Cole, new signing for Liverpool Liverpool’s signing of Joe Cole is a positive sign, both on and off the pitch, and some welcome good news for the team’s supporters after a horrible season and the uncertainties over the club’s ownership and finances. Cole should bring some much-needed creativity to the side, particularly since the departure of Yossi Benayoun to, of all clubs, Chelsea. Read the rest of this entry »