Royal Wedding Pizza

by Steve

Royal Wedding PizzaThe upcoming royal wedding means very little to me, beyond giving all us Brits a day off work (for those who have still got a job) . I am a bit of a Republican anyway, purely in the sense of not wanting a royal family, not in any elephant-based political way, I hasten to add. The whole event reeks of keeping the proles happy for the day with a national holiday and cheap romance amid financial uncertainty and political strife. Hah, watch me with my Political Comment!

It is also an excuse for the wheels of commerce to grind into action and offer us all manner of crap to buy to celebrate the occasion. Oh, wonderous capitalism with your paper facemasks of the Queen, commemorative plates and cheap plastic flags.

However, one company’s make-money-quick scheme has caught my eye. Pizza chain Papa John’s are offering customers a royal wedding pizza, with the happy couple rendered pretty damn accurately in a variety of toppings.

There is nothing like bad, novelty pizza to warm my heart.

I’m not entirely convinced I would be happy chowing down on Prince William’s face, but I guess I could be convinced that polishing off this culinary delight is, in fact, an attempt to eat the rich. Revolution Through Pizza. Which, let’s face it, is a pretty awesome form of revolution.