Steve’s Blog Post Idea Challenge

by Steve

Suggestion BoxWell, a couple of weeks back I asked for some feedback on this ol’ place. A massive thank you to everyone who got back to me. You really are the loveliest readership anyone could wish for.

I also stated:

“While I don’t have any worthwhile material goods to offer as an incentive/prize, I’m happy to pull a name out of the hat, and that person can commission a blog post from me on the subject of their choice.”

Now, apologies for shifting the goalposts somewhat, but how about this: if you request a blog post in the comments below, I’ll give it a go. Essentially, you can all be winners! Whether you fed back or not! And I’ll have some new ideas about what to blog about! Hurrah!

I will sincerely try my best to respond to every suggestion with a post, but please don’t expect 3,000 word tracts. Your correspondent is willing, but he is a little lazy. Anyway, fire away, and I’ll see what I can do. You can suggest subject matters, post titles, juxtapositions, whatever you think might be appropriate or might make for interesting reading.

And if you still fancy giving your two cents/pennies worth on this blog then please do!

Thanks in advance readers!

Image by hashmil, via Flickr