A brief flash of productivity

by Steve

Green traffic lightI do like getting up early on a Saturday, getting on with whatever needs doing, and then still having a large portion of the day ahead of me. Last Saturday, with a very early start, this went according to plan, and by about 2pm I was free. So, rather than just talk about writing, I thought I’d actually get on and do some.

And while I didn’t write for long, maybe an hour or so, it was an incredibly productive session. Somehow, I managed to get over 1,000 words of a story down. I have no idea if it was any good – I was afraid to read it back right away, to jinx it or shatter whatever confidence I gained from actually writing something. I thought it best to leave it a week, and then return to the story with fresh eyes. But, 1,000 words! Never mind the quality, feel the width!

I think what helped, is that as much as I don’t really set aside any time to write, I do think about potential story ideas a lot. This might be when I idle away a lunchtime, or when I pop to the shops, or when I am travelling somewhere. I might just spend five minutes mulling a story or a character over on each occasion, but it all adds up.

So, when I did actually sit down to write, I had access to a lot of material in my head. It was then a case of getting it all down in a vaguely coherent way.

This may not be the most efficient way to work, but until I engineer the time, it seems like as good a way as any. Anyway, I’m sure the lack of time is an excuse. I can think I’m giving my thoughts time and space to breathe and grow, but perhaps I should just be getting on with it, anytime, anywhere. Those stories are no good to anybody stuck in my head.

Image by Brandon Christopher Warren via Flickr