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From The Top

People milling about in a bookshop

Just a quick heads-up that all-round great guy and fantastic writer Steve Harris has a new novel in the works that he is hoping to fund via Kickstarter. If you happen to have ten quid to spare you could do a lot worse with it than pledge it towards Steve’s project and in return you will receive a signed, printed copy of the novel itself, From The Top. And considering the campaign has already raised over £150 of the £500 target, there is a good chance you will be supporting a successful project too. Read the rest of this entry »

A probably unnecessary post about David Foster Wallace

Sign at a David Foster Wallace event

On the anniversary of David Foster Wallace’s death I expect there will be a glut of people sharing that This is Water video. It is a lovely piece of writing, but an odd one as it seems to have become this whole new creature, half self-help guide, half unintentional self-eulogy. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Reading

More good stuff from other people…

The post where I try to review Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom through the prism (if that’s the right word) of some quotes from the author, in an ultimately futile attempt to do something different around a book that has been written about enough already

Jonathan Franzen signing booksSo, over the lovely long weekend I finally finished Jonathan’s Franzen’s Freedom. Is there anything new to say about this book? I doubt it, as it has probably been the most talked-about book of the last 12 months. How’s that for a terrible intro, readers? Read the rest of this entry »

The spoken word

First, you need to head over to The Outspoken Omphaloskeptic and take a listen to his tale, Vardman Grows Up. You back? Good. Then let’s begin. I was really quite taken with the story and it has made me think further about forms of fiction, particularly on the internet, and how they are presented. Read the rest of this entry »